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Do you know that more than half of all industrial construction projects use sandwich panels?!

If you order our sandwich panels and entrust us to assemble it for you, you will receive considerable discount for acquisition of this type of production!

Besides, in case our clients will require technical support while realizing their conceived project, our engineers will immediately come to the rescue.

Our company provides two years warranty on all our production!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know. We will respond as soon as posible. Thank You.



Sandwich panels

"Exsobalt" offers you a material widely used in modern construction: wall and roof sandwich panels. We are official Latvian representatives of European leaders in this sphere: Europanels (Poland) and Ježvitas (Lithuania).

With polyurethane filler

The advantages of sandwich panels with a polyurethane filler compared to other panels with insulation materials as a filler:

- Better technical characteristics;

- Better insulation properties, thanks to which a thinner insulation material can be used;

- Polyurethane filler is resistant to chemical influence.



Approximate prices  (EUR/m²)* <500m²    >500m²

Wall panels(100mm)                     23.73       22.75

Roof panels(100mm)                    24.34       23.59

With polisterol filler

The advantages of sandwich panels with polisterol (EPS) filler compared to other panels with insulation materials as a filler:

- A possibility to make panels with a one-sided tin covering,

- Because of the lighter weight they are easy to install,

- The best solution for outside and inside reconstruction,

- They are good for buildings that do not require strong insulation, providing better fireproofing for an object,

- Low building expenses.



Approximate prices (EUR/m²)* <500m²      >500m²

 Wall panels(100mm)                    19.80         18.80

Roof panels(100mm)                    20.50         19.50

With mineral wool filler

Sandwich panels advantagece with a mineral wool filler comparing to other pannels were are used insulation materials of different kind.

- Better fire resistance,

- Better sound insulation,

- Maximum distance between steel frames up to 10 meters.




 Approximate prices(EUR/m²)*    <500m²      >500m²

Wall panels (100mm)                     26.50           22.50

Roof panels(100mm)                     27.20           25.70

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