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Do you know that more than half of all industrial construction projects use sandwich panels?!

If you order our sandwich panels and entrust us to assemble it for you, you will receive considerable discount for acquisition of this type of production!

Besides, in case our clients will require technical support while realizing their conceived project, our engineers will immediately come to the rescue.

Our company provides two years warranty on all our production!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know. We will respond as soon as posible. Thank You.




Company "ExsoBalt" Ltd. has begun its activity in 2005, and bt today it became one of the leading companies in Latvian market specializing on sandwich panels of all types and sizes marketing and installation.


The company's main objective is to offer it`s clients effective, courageous and esthetic decisions.


As a result, our company has been completed by perfectly balanced and trained team of professionals, as well as necessary construction tools to deal with tasks of any degree of complexity. That has allowed us to look ahead with confidence and pride. Professionalism of our employees proves to be true experience of the executed works and responses of our clients.


Starting from the beginning we had acquired good partner relations with well known manufacturers and distributors of sandwich panels as "Europanels" (Poland) and "Ježvitas" (Lithuania), and by the time present ExsoBalt Ltd. has become on official representative of these plants in Latvia. That is why our company can offer the best choice of sandwich panels suitable to our Clients.


Besides, for the convenience of the customer, SIA"ExsoBalt" is ready to undertake design works, manufacturing and delivery of the objects ordered that will accelerate building process. It allows to consider "ExsoBalt" company as reliable and convenient partner in the field of industrial construction in Latvia.

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